My personal & professional experiences working to serve and empower people of different ages and abilities have inspired me to be a voice for the people of Monona. I will bring experience, leadership, and a next-generation voice to local government, working to adapt to the city's changing demographics and identity.

My Priorities as a Member of the Monona City Countil


  • Offering input and providing a voice for the community on the development of the city, including the ongoing Yahara Riverfront project.

  • Contributing to the ongoing efforts of the Council to sustain and enhance Monona’s excellent public services.

  • Working towards the continued accessibility of Monona, by supporting efforts to become a fully "Dementia Friendly" city and ensuring that facilities and green spaces are accessible to people of all abilities.

  • Ensuring that Monona's substantial senior population is civically and socially engaged through a greater number of Town Hall-style events at the Monona Senior Center and assisted/senior living facilities.

About Me


My Work and Community Involvement

I'm currently in my 7th year as a school-based speech-language pathologist in the Waunakee Community School District, working full-time as an Early Childhood SLP. I provide services, both in the Early Childhood classroom and in community-based preschool placements, to 3- to 5-year-old children working on the development of their communication skills.

This year, I was elected to serve as the Political Action Coordinator for the Waunakee Teachers Association; I previously have served as a Building Representative and Secretary for the WTA. One of my primary responsibilities as PAC is to foster community engagement and visibility among members of the teachers association by organizing volunteer opportunities with organizations such as the Waunakee Neighborhood Connection. 

I serve on the Monona Landmarks Commission, as well as the Friends of the Monona Senior Center Board; my husband, Dan, and I are co-leaders of the Bridge Lake-Point Waunona Community Garden just outside of Monona.

My Thoughts on Monona

Monona is my home. When I moved here in 2013 with my husband and our two dogs, it was because I yearned to put down roots in a quiet area with ample city services, close to the bike path and the lake. In the time that Dan and I have lived here, we’ve enjoyed watching the community expand and appeal to a new generation of homeowners and visitors.

It is this wonderful balance that Monona strives to strike – between keeping our “landlocked” city affordable, and continuing to expand through redevelopment – that makes our close-knit community unique, and is a challenge I look forward to undertaking as a member of City Council. 

I am heartened to live in a city that is becoming increasingly dementia-friendly, and one that is striving to make its public facilities – including City Hall and the Public Library – more accessible to people of all walks of life, including those who are differently abled or who require accommodations in order to fully access the wonderful services our community has to offer. As a special education teacher in the Waunakee Community School District, I have built my career upon working with a multidisciplinary team to identify and represent the unique needs and challenges of my students and their families; as an alderperson, I will strive to continue to include, support, and engage a diverse array of stakeholders in decisions affecting our community and its growth and development.


Endorsed By


Democratic Party of Dane County

South Central Federation of Labor

Wisconsin Progress

Sen. Mark F. Miller and Jo Oyama Miller

Rep. Jimmy Anderson

Kathy Thomas

Kristie Schilling

Susan Fox

Susan Manning

Judy Runk

Dean Bowles - Monona Grove School Board member, former Mayor of Monona

Tanya Buckingham


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